Mutual Funds

Mutual funds is a pool of money collected from investors and invests in various instruments like stocks, bonds, money market instruments, gold. Fund managers manage the funds regularly.

Investor Services

We provide customized and personalized investment services, based on investors risk profile and objectives

Tax Savings

Based on your current tax slab, we help you to make additional tax saving investments

Goal Based Solutions

We provide goal based financial planning services such as retirement planning, Children’s Education planning, buying a home, etc

Advantages of Mutual Funds


Invest a fixed amount regularly and systematically. It brings in discipline and reduces the risk.

Professional Management

Funds collected from investors are managed by professionals and experts


Investment across Asset class, Sectors and companies helps in reducing the investment risk

Small Investments Possible

 Low Initial investment is possible with as low as Rs. 500 pm. Investors have option to Invest either as lumpsum  or SIP

SEBI Regulated

SEBI regulates and supervises mutual funds to protect the interest of investors


Invest withdraw anytime, anywhere. Mutual funds are easy to buy and sell.


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